The World War Cycle

The Gilded Age (1866-1885)




The 13 Original
American Colonies


Cohorts: Missionary Generation - Prophet, Idealist Type (1860-1882)
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Warren Harding , Calvin Coolidge , Herbert Hoover, William Jennings Bryan, Jane Addams, Helen Keller George Washington Carver, Margaret Sanger, Thomas Hunt Morgon, Henry Ford, Orville & Wilbur Wright, Will Rogers , Albert Einstein, Douglas MacArthur, Frank Lloyd Wright, William Randolf Hearst, Lizzie Borden, Annie Oakley, Connie Mack, Butch Cassidy, Nap Lajoie, Christy Mathewson, Honus Wagner, Cy Young, W.E.B. DuBois, Scott Joplin, William S. Hart, Harry Houdini , Robert Frost, D.W. Griffith, Carl Sandburg, Isadora Duncan, George M. Cohan, Upton Sinclair, Ethel Barrymore, W.C. Fields, Cecil B. DeMille, John Barrymore, Grandma Moses, [Author's great grandfather Edward Murray (born in Illinois, 1862)]

Timeline events: Outer-Driven Era

(1866) 14th Amendment ratified, James Gang robs first bank, Charlie Goodnight starts his cattle drive, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals formed, first YWCA opens in Boston, Western Indian wars start
(1867) Alaska purchased from Russia, Reconstruction Acts, first Horatio Alger novel published, Ku Klux Klan organized
(1868) Andrew Johnson Impeachment sought, early patent awarded to Thomas Edison for an electric voting machine, "velocopedes", or bicycles, become popular, U. S. Grant elected President
(1869) Congress adopts the 15th Amendment, Prohibition Party founded, National Women's Suffrage Association, led by Susan B. Anthony is organized, Louisa May Alcott published _Little Women_ , Golden spike driven in Transcontinental rail, First profession Baseball Team (Cincinnati Red Stockings) founded, Jay Gould attempts to corner the gold market
(1870) J. D. Rockefeller founds Standard Oil, Carpetbaggers invade the South, Bret Harte gains fame with _The Luck of Roaring Camp, and other Sketches_, Tolbert Lanston patents the padlock, Edward DeSmedt paves a road in New Jersey with asphalt, the Boardwalk in Atlantic City is completed
(1871) Chicago fire, Taminy Hall's Boss Tweed arrested, Luther Burbank begins his experiments with plant breeding, P. T. Barnum opens the "Greatest Show on Earth", NRA is formed
(1872) Grant reelected, Montgomery Ward starts mail order business, Jehovah's Witnesses are organized, Yellowstone National Park is established
(1873) Joseph Glidden patents barbed wire, San Francisco Cable Cars are invented, Ivy League schools draw up first rules for American Football, Bethlehem Steel begins production
(1874) Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner publish _The Gilded Age_ , Louis Tiffany opens a factory to produce elegant glass works, National Woman's Christian Temperance Union (W.C.T.U) formed
(1875) "Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children" is formed, Congress passes Civil Rights Act
(1876) Alexander G. Bell patents telephone, Custer's last stand, Rutherford B. Hayes elected, Mark Twain publishes _The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
(1877) The Great Strike of 1877, Reconstruction ends, Nez Pierce indians led by Chief Joseph battle U.S. forces in Washington and Oregon
(1878) Democrats win both Houses of Congress, Billy the kid begins his career, Edison patents the phonograph and the Edison Electric Light Company is formed in New York City
(1879) Edison invents the light bulb, George Eastman patents a process for making dry photographic plates, Mary Baker Eddy founds the Church of Christ, Scientist, Frank Woolworth opens his "five-and-dime" store
(1880) James Garfield elected President, Andrew Carnegie begins to establish his Carnegie library system, American branch of the Salvation Army formed
(1881) Booker T. Washington founds Tuskegee Institute, Chester Arthur becomes President when James Garfield is assassinated, Clara Barton founds the Red Cross, Barnum and J. A. Bailey form their circus "The Greatest Show on Earth"
(1882) Longfellow and Emerson die, Congress passes the Chinese Exclusion Act, John L. Sullivan tours the U.S. and makes boxing popular, first Labor Day celebrated
(1883) Civil Rights Act of 1775 declared unconstitutional, Ladies' Home Journal and Life Magazine begin publication, Brooklyn Bridge completed, "Buffalo Bill" Cody puts on his first Wild West Show.
(1884) Mark Twain publishes _Adventures of Huckleberry Finn_, Republican "Mugwumps" bolt from the party convention, Grover Cleveland elected President, Linotype machine invented, Supreme Court rules that black citizens cannot be denied a vote, first Baseball championship played in the Polo Grounds, successful glider flight made by John J. Montgomery.
(1885) Washington Monument dedicated, Apache indians, led by Geronimo, resume their war against the white man, Winslow Homer paints "Fog Warning", Statue of Liberty is electrified.

Foreign Contemporaries: Anton Chekhov, Claude Debussy, William Butler Yeats, Rudyard Kipling, Beatrix Potter, H.G. Wells, Arturo Toscanini, Madame Curie, Guglielmo Marconi, Mahatma Gandhi, Henri Matisse, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Enrico Caruso, Sir Winston Churchill, Albert Schweitzer, Carl Jung, Thomas Mann, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Roald Amundsen, Konrad Adenauer, Mata Hari, Albert Einstein, Joseph Stalin, Pablo Picasso, A.A. Milne, James Joyce, Leopold Stokowski, Igor Stravinski, Ernest Rutherford

Foreign Timeline Events: The "seven weeks" Austro-Prussian War begins (1866), Monet paints "Camille, The Green Dress" (1866), Dosteovsky publishes "Crime and Punishment" (1866), Mendel publishes laws of heredity (1866), Johann Strauss writes "The Blue Danube" (1867), Henrik Ibsen publishes "Per Gant" (1867), Alfred Nobel patents dynamite (1867), Karl Marx publishes first volume of "Das Kapital" (1867), Disraeli becomes Prime Minister of England (1868), Queen Isabella II of Spain deposed (1868), Brahms publishes his "Lullaby" (1868), Cro-Magnon man is found in France (1868), Richard Blackmore publishes _Lorna Doone_ (1869), Peter Tchaikovsky produces overture _Romeo and Juliet_ (1869), Suez Canal opens (1869), debtors' prisons are abolished in Britain (1869), Napoleon III deposed in Paris by a bloodless Revolution (1870), Jules Verne publishes _20,000 Leagues Under the Sea_ (1870), Vatican pronounces the Doctrine of papal infallibility (1870), William I of Prussia is proclaimed Emperor of Germany (1871, Verde composes the Opera _Aida_ (1871), Louis Sullivan composes "Onward Christian Soldiers" (1871), Henry Stanley presumes to find David Livingstone in Central Africa (1871), Lewis Caroll publishes _Through the Looking Glass_ (1872), Jules Verne publishes _Around the World in 80 Days_ (1873), James Maxwell publishes his _Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism (1873), Mussorgsky composes "Pictures from an Exhibition" (1874), J. Strauss composes "Die Fledermaus" (1874), Verdi composes "Requim Mass"(1874), Kuang Hsu becomes Emporer of China (1875), Tolstoy publishes _Anna Karina_ (1875), Bizet composes "Carmen" (1875), first performance of Wagner's "The Ring of the Nibelung" 1876), Tchaikovsky composes "Swan Lake" (1876), Russia declares war on the Ottoman Empire (1877), Porfirio Diaz becomes President of Mexico (1877), Maxwell publishes the "Theory of Heat and Lork Rayleigh publishes the "Theory of Sound" (1877), Treaty of San Stefano ends Russo-Turkish War (1878), Gilbert and Sullivan produce "The H. M. S. Pinafore" (1878), Karl Benz builds a motorized tricycle (1878), British at war with Afganistan (1878), Ibsen publishes the play " A Doll's House" (1879), Dostoevsky writes "The Brothers Karamazov" (1879), Boers revolt against the British in Transvaal (1880), Disraeli resigns as Prime Minister of England (1880), Carlos Finlay suggests that mosquitoes may be the carriers of yellow fever (1881), Italy, Germany and Austria-Hungary form the Triple Alliance (1882), French sieze Hue in South Vietnam (1883), Robert Louis Stevenson publishes _Treasure Island_ (1883), Indonesian volcano - Krakatoa explodes (1883), Pasteur administers first successful rabies vaccination (1885), European states (including Belgium, England and Germany) stake colonial claims in Africa (1885)

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