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I am always looking for criticism... good or bad. If you have found something that you think I have missed, have wrong or doesn't belong, I want to hear about it. Even if you are looking for a little more one-on-one, have something you would like to recommend or would like to start a discussion, try the feedback tab at my Blog.

If you are looking for help with your homework, I have to warn you that I can only answer TimePage email when I have the time. I can't gaurantee I will get to the email the day you send it to me. So if you are in a hurry you should probably schedule a trip to the Library. If you have more time I will be glad to offer my opinions if I feel I have any intelligent opinions to offer. But that is all it is, I am not claiming to be an expert.

I get an occasional request for information to use for citing the TimePage in school papers and such. The following information is taken from an old FAQ that has been removed from the TimePage and should provide the information needed.

Citations: If you need to cite the TimePage for a school report you may want to use something like the examples shown below. Use the first one if it is a single page from the TimePage, such as the 13 Originals page, or the second one for the TimePage site as a whole. Of course you will want to arrange the information as your reporting style dictates. If you are referencing the generational cycles aspect of my site you might want to also cite William Strauss and Neil Howe and their book "Generations" on which the site was based.

  • Murray, William (author), "13 Originals (The TimePage)," revision date*, .
  • Murray, William (author), "The TimePage," 2001, .
*Since the page is revised on an ongoing basis you will want to obtain the latest revision date by looking at the bottom of the web page you are citing.


This page no longer includes a mail in form. It isn't because I no longer want to hear from you. I simply can not manage the flow of spam from spambots around the world. If you really need to get in touch, you can reach me through my blog (see above) or via email in care of "webmaster" at you-know-where.



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GENERATIONS , William Strauss and Neil Howe, 1991, William Morrow Publisher, New York.

The Fourth Turning , William Strauss and Neil Howe, 1997, Broadway Books Publisher, New York.

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