The Revolutionary Cycle

The Great Awakening Era (1734-1743)




The 13 Original
American Colonies


Cohorts: Liberty Generation - Nomad, Reactive Type (1724-1741)
George Washington, John Adams, Daniel Boone, Paul Revere, Patrick Henry, Benedict Arnold, Thomas Paine, John Hancock, Ethan Allen

Timeline events: Awakening Era

(1734) Jonathan Edwards sparks the [Great Awakening ] (1734>),
(1735) Printer John Peter Zenger's libel trail in New York , John Van Zandt whips a slave to death sparking racial tension in New York, women gain civic and economic power in the colonies
(1736) John and Charles Wesley arrive in Georgia as a guest of James Oglethorpe
(1737) Reformers in Boston destroy a house of ill repute, William Penn's son Thomas swindles Indians with the "Walking Purchase"
(1738) Methodist preacher George Whitefield arrives in Savannah his electrifying sermons fuel the religious fervor of the Great Awakening, John Winthrop becomes mathematics chair at Harvard
(1739) Slaves from Charleston, SC are killed trying to get to Spanish Florida, French explorers Pierre and Paul Mallet discover the Rockies
(1740) War escalates into King George's War
(1741) Jonathon Edwards delivers powerful sermon to cap off "Great Awakening," Massachusetts fishing fleet reaches 1000 boats
(1742) Colonists are attacked by Spanish in War of Jenkin's Ear
(1743) Quaker John Woolman first to preach against slavery, The American Philosophical Society is formed in Philadelphia, Ben Franklin retires at age 37 to pursue scientific and public ideals

Foreign Contemporaries: Edmund Burke, Catherine the Great, George III, Immanuel Kant, James Watt, Joseph Priestly

Foreign Timeline Events: England declares war on Spain in the War of Jenkin's Ear (1739),

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