The Revolutionary Cycle

The Age of Enlightenment (1693-1733)




The 13 Original
American Colonies


Cohorts: Awakening Generation - Prophet, Idealist Type (1701-1723)
Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, John Witherspoon, Roger Sherman, Crispus Attucks, Samuel Davies, Roger Sherman, Thomas Hutchinson, Jonathon Edwards, Gilbert Tennant,.

Timeline events: Outer-Driven Era

(1693) College of William and Mary founded
(1694) English colonists form alliances with Iroquois indians
(1695) Pima indians rebel against Spanish in Southwest, New York City offers relief to the poor.
(1696) Another Navigation act is passed
(1697) William Penn proposed an inter colonial congress with a president appointed by the King, King Williams War ends
(1699) Captain Kidd the pirate is captured in Boston and sent to England
(1700) Massachusetts and New York expel Catholics, population of colonies est. 275,000
(1701) Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac builds Fort Pontchartrain on the site of present Detroit , Yale College founded, Pennsylvania Colony receives it first Constitution, Vestry Act makes Anglicanism official religion of North Carolina
(1702) Queen Anne's War, Cotton Mather publishes _The Ecclesiastical History of New England_
(1704) The French erect Fort Miami
(1705) The Virginia Black Code of 1705 severely restricts activities of slaves and proclaims them to be real estate
(1706) Ben Franklin born
(1711) The Tuscarora Indian war breaks out in North Carolina
(1712) Carolina broken into North and South colonies, Pennsylvania bans slaves, Nantucket whaler first American to capture Sperm Whale
(1713) Queen Anne's War ends, first Schooner designed in Gloucester, Mass.
(1714) Tea is introduced in the colonies
(1715) War against Yamasee indians in Southern Colonies
(1716) First black slaves arrive in French Louisiana
(1717) Blackbeard the pirate (Edward Teach) dies in fight with Virginia colonists, Scots-Irish and German immigrants flood into colonies
(1718) New Orleans founded by French, Spanish found San Antonio
(1720) As crime rates soar, theft becomes a capitol offense in Philadelphia, John Law's promotion of Louisiana colonization creates "Mississippi Bubble"
(1722) Virginia governor Alexander Spotswood negotiates a treaty with the League of Six Indian Nations known as the Iroquois Confederation
(1723) construction of the Old North Church in Boston begun, Maryland mandates public schools
(1724) Lovewell's (Dummer's) War in Maine between English and French
(1725) Slaves (75,000 in Colonies) get separate Baptist Church in Williamsburg, English and French build a series of forts along the New England border
(1726) Presbyterian Minister William Tennant builds Log College in Pennsylvania where evangelist preachers of the Great Awakening are taught, poor people riot in Philadelphia
(1727) Anglo-Spanish War breaks out in Southern colonies, young Benjamin Franklin forms the Junto Club for "mutual improvement"
(1728) excessive drinking becomes a big problem in Colonies, Boston bans horses and carriages from the "Commons", first Jewish synagogue in New York City
(1729) Benjamin Franklin takes over and begins publication of the Pennsylvania Gazette which will eventually become the Saturday Evening Post, French battle Natchez indians in Mississippi
(1730) Baltimore is established in Maryland , spa at Newport, Rhode Island becomes a hot tourist spot for the colonists
(1731) Design for Independence Hall in Philadelphia completed
(1732) Ben Franklin's Junto Club creates the first public library in the colonies, George Washington is born, the only Catholic Church in the colonies holds its first mass, James Oglethorpe is granted a charter for Georgia, the last of the 13 colonies, Ben Franklin begins publication of _Poor Richard's Almanac_, British pass the Hat Act, first Stage Coach line established in New Jersey
(1733) British pass the Molasses Act

Foreign Contemporaries: John Wesley, Jean- Jacques Rousseau, Frederick the Great, Adam Smith, Baron Munchhausen, Sir John Murray, John Montagu Sandwich, Horace Walpole, Charles III, Thomas Gray, Peter II, John Stuart Bute, George Grenville, Frederick II, David Hume, Richard Grenville, Louis XV, Samuel Johnson, William Pitt, Leonhard Euler, Henry Fielding, Carolus Linnaeus, Charles and John Wesley, Anders Celsius, [Author's great, great, great, great, great grandfather - Samuel Murray (born in Ireland, 1724)]

Foreign Timeline Events: War of Spanish Succession begins (1701), 15 year old German composer, J. S. Bach, begins to give organ lessons (1701), Anne becomes Queen of England (1702), first daily newspaper, "The Daily Courant" is published in London and "Moscow Gazette" begins publication by order of Peter the Great (1702), Halley predicts the comet (1705), first Life Insurance Co. opens in London (1706), England and Scotland form Great Britain (1707), the Mogul empire in India begins to disintegrate (1707), Italian Harpsichord maker invents the piano (1709), Fahrenheit invents the thermometer (1709), Handel's opera "Agripa" produced (1710), half a million killed by Bubonic Plague in Austria and Germany (1711), Queen Anne's War (War of Spanish Sucession) ends (1713), Peter the Great introduces public education in Russia (1714), Voltaire imprisoned (1717), Treaty of the Hague (1720), Manchu Dynasty flourishes in China (1722), China bans Christianity (1723),.King George II succeeds King George I (1727).

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