The Colonial Cycle

The Glorious Revolution Era (1675-1692)




The 13 Original
American Colonies


Cohorts: Enlightenment Generation - Artist, Adaptive Type (1674-1700)
William Shirley, Samuel Johnson, Daniel Dulany, Ebenezer Gay, Elisha Cooke, Jr.

Timeline events: Crisis (4th Turning)Era

(1675) Indian Chief "King Phillip"'s War (1675-76)
(1676) Bacon's Rebellion
(1677)William Penn formalizes separation of Church and State in West New Jersey
(1680) New Hampshire separates from Massachusetts, Pueblo Indians take Santa Fe from Spanish
(1681)King Charles II grants Pennsylvania to William Penn
(1682) Quakers settle Pennsylvania , LaSalle reaches and names the Louisiana Territory, the planning for Philadelphia is begun
(1683) William Penn negotiates a treaty with the Indians under the Treaty Elm, Mennonites settle Germantown, Pennsylvania
(1684) Massachusetts Bay Colony charter revoked
(1685) French Protestants (Huguenots) flee Louis IV to settle Carolinas
(1686) James II revokes Charters of Liberty in Colonies that requires consent of governed for taxation
(1687) Governor Edmond Andros takes over New England and New York governments in the name of James II to become ruler of the northern colonies, proclaiming Anglican worship, Connecticut charter hidden from King James II in "Charter Oak"
(1688) Governor Andros limits town meetings and takes over local militias , Quakers formally disown slavery
(1689)[ Glorious Revolution results in deposition of James II and reversal of his harsh policies ], Royal government is tossed out and colonial self rule is reestablished, Count Frontenac returns to Canada from France with military supplies to conquer the colonies, Leisler's Rebellion in New York (1689-91)
(1690) King William's War begins as French stage attacks on northern colonial towns, Massachusetts prints first paper money in colonies, Boston's "Publick Occurences" is first colonial newspaper (1690)
(1692) Delaware separates from Pennsylvania, Salem witch trials, a system of Colonial post offices is planned

Foreign Contemporaries: Voltaire, Robert Walpole, Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frederick Handel, James Edward Oglethorpe, Charles-Louis Montesquieu

Foreign Timeline events: The Duke of York becomes King James II of England (1685), deposition of James II and reversal of his harsh policies as he is replaced by William and Mary of Orange (1689)

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