The Colonial Cycle

Puritan Awakening Era (1621-1640)




The 13 Original
American Colonies


Cohorts: Cavalier Generation - Nomad, Reactive Type (1615-1647)
Nathaniel Bacon, Increase Mather, John Pinchon, Elisha Cooke, Metacomet ("King Philip"), William Kidd

Timeline events: Awakening (2nd Turning)Era

(1621) Pilgrims reach a treaty with Chief Massassoit of the Wampanoag Tribe with Squanto as an interpreter, William Bradford made second Governor of Plymouth when John Carver dies, first Thanksgiving celebrated, Dutch West India Co. formed , [Puritan Awakening] (1621>)
(1622) In England the lottery is banned and the Virginia Company goes into receivership, first Jamestown massacre
(1623) Plymouth neighbor settlement at Wessagusset is abandoned, Pilgrims begin to cultivate corn, laws based on social status instituted in Virginia
(1624) Virginia Co. charter revoked and Virginia becomes a royal colony, Dutch West India company siezes Bahia, Brazil, Dutch West India Company sponsored Dutch colonists arrive in New York, strong social code dictated in Virginia and Dutch colonies
(1626) Peter Minuit buys Manhattan Island for 60 guilders and names it New Amsterdam, later to be known as the colony of New York, Pilgrims buy out their London stockholders, Roger Conant settles Naumkeag(Salem)
(1628) John Endecott arrives in Salem
(1629) The Massachusetts Bay Co. is formed in England with John Winthrop as Governor, the Council for New England grants New Hampshire to John Mason and King Charles grants Robert Heath the territory named Carolina
(1630) Puritans settle Salem for the Massachusetts Bay Co. (1630>), John Winthrop begins his _History of New England_, Boston founded, William Bradford begins to write _History of Plymouth Plantation_
(1631) Roger Williams arrives in Boston, Sir Ferdinando Gorges begins settlement of Maine/New Hampshire area
(1632) Lord Baltimore is granted the Maryland charter by Charles I
(1633) Dutch form first school in New Amsterdam and the first public school (The Boston Latin School) is formed in Boston, the colony of Maryland is settled, the first town government is formed in Dorchester, Mass.
(1635) Boundary disputes erupt between Maryland and Virginia, Roger Williams is banished from Massachusetts.
(1636) Advocate of religious tolerance Roger Williams founds Rhode Island , the radical mystical religious views of Anne Hutchinson are heard in Boston, Thomas Hooker arrives in Hartford to found the colony of Connecticut , Harvard College founded
(1637) Pequot Indian wars heat up
(1638) Anne Hutchinson is banished from Massachusetts for sedition, Treaty of Hartford ends Pequot wars (1638), in Hartford Thomas Hooker espouses the radical view that political power should rest on the consent of the governed, first printing press set up in Cambridge, Mass., Peter Minuet leads a group of Swedish settlers in founding New Sweden which later becomes Delaware , banished from Boston John Wheelwright founds the colony of New Hampshire, Iroquois tribes fight Beaver Wars for control of fur trade (1638-1684)
(1639) New Netherlands battles Algonquin tribes (1639-1645), The Fundamental orders are enacted in Connecticut giving rise to government by popular consent
(1640) Bay Palm Book is the first book published in America

Foreign Contemporaries: Molière, Charles II, John Locke, Louis XIV, Sir Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle, William Penn, Louis Jolliet, René Robert de La Salle, Robert Hooke, Samuel Pepys, James II, John Murray (Earl of Atholl), John Dryden, Mary of Orange, William II, Blaise Pascal, Gottfried Leibniz, Prince Rupert, Jan Vermeer, Anton van Leeuwenhoek

Foreign Timeline events:Charles I succeeds James I to the English crown (1625), Rembrandt paints the "Money Changer" (1627), work is begun on the Taj Mahal (1628), King Charles dissolves parliament (1629), Cardinal Richelieu struggles with Marie de' Medici for power in France (1630), Rene Descartes publishes "Discourse on Method" (1637), Portugal obtains independence from Spain (1640).

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