The Colonial Cycle

Elizabethan Renaissance Era (1589-1620)





The 13 Original
American Colonies



Cohorts: Puritan Generation - Prophet, Idealist Type (1584-1614)
Myles Standish, John Winthrop, Roger Williams, William Bradford, Anne Hutchinson, Peter Stuyvesant, Edward Winslow, Thomas Hooker, Lord Baltimore, Pocahontas, Virginia Dare, Squanto (the last three are native born).

Timeline events: Outer-Driven (1st Turning - High) Era

(1584) Sir Walter Raleigh lands on Roanoke Island in present day North Carolina and names the land Virginia in honor of the "Virgin Queen" Elizabeth
(1585) Sir Walter sends a colonizing expedition to Roanoke island, most of the settlers in Roanoke return to England with Sir Francis Drake
(1587) John White returns to Roanoke and when he finds no one he leaves another group of settlers, John White's grandchild Virginia Dare is first English child born in America, Manteo is the first American Indian converted to Christianity
(1588) Thomas Harriot publishes a book about the Roanoke settlement
(1590) The legend of the "Lost Colony" is born when John White returns to Roanoke to find no trace of the settlers he had left
(1598) Juan de Onate claims territory in SW North America for Spain
(1602) First Englishman to land in New England was Capt. Bartholomew Gosnold in Massachusetts
(1603) Champlain sails up the Saint Lawrence and French establish fur trade in New England and Canada
(1606) Virginia Company of London and Virginia Company of Plymouth granted Royal Charters, first Plymouth Company expedition waylayed by Spanish in Caribbean
(1607) Jamestown ,founded by the London Company, establishes the colony of Virginia , Capt. John Smith saved by Pocahontas
(1608) Capt. Smith publishes first American book in London, Champlain founds Quebec, Jamestown faces disaster as hardship and dissension take their toll, Pilgrims flee England to escape religious persecution and end up in The Netherlands
(1609) Henry Hudson searches for NW passage and finds Hudson Bay, Virginia is incorporated and many new settlers arrive, the Spanish found Santa Fe, Jamestown settlers face the "Starving Time."
(1610) Lord Delaware arrives in Jamestown to take control for the Virginia Co.
(1612) Dutch settle what will become New York City, tobacco is established as a crop in Virginia by John Rolfe
(1613) Sir Samuel Argall attacks Dutch and French settlements in New England
(1614) John Rolfe marries Pocahontas (Christian name Rebecca)
(1615) Samuel Champlain discovers Lake Huron for the French
(1616) Smallpox wipes out most of New England's native population, Pocahontas is presented at the Court of King James I
(1617) Dutch settle in Albany, NY
(1619) Pilgrims granted a charter to settle in Virginia, the Virginia House of Burgesses is elected, first slaves sold in Virginia
(1620)Pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock aboard the Mayflower, sign the Mayflower Compact and establish the colony of Massachusetts , Virginia settlers organize the first public library

Foreign Contemporaries: Rene Descartes, Oliver Cromwell, Charles I, John Milton, Gustav Adolph, Diego Velazquez, Rembrandt, Cardinal de Richelieu, Thomas Hobbes.

Foreign Timeline events: Catholics adopt the Gregorian Calendar (1582), Ivan the Terrible dies (1584), Mary "Queen of Scots" beheaded (1587), defeat of the Spanish Armada (1588), Hideyoshi Unifies Japan (1590), Bubonic Plague ravages London (1593), Shakespeare completes "Romeo and Juliet" (1594), Boris Godunov made Czar of Russia (1598), Dutch East India company founded (1602), James VI of Scotland becomes James I, King of England, on the death of Queen Elizabeth (1603), Galileo demonstrates Law of Gravity (1604), Cervantes publishes Don Quixote (1605), Galileo's telescope (1609), Gustavus II becomes King of Sweden (1611), King James version of the Bible published (1611), Japan expels all foreign Missionaries (1614), Europeans vie for the Spice trade (1615), Tarters invade China (1616), Thirty Years War begins (1618).

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