The Revolutionary Cycle

The Revolutionary War Era (1774-1787)




The 13 Original
American Colonies


Cohorts: Compromise Generation - Artist, Adaptive Type (1767-1791)
Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren, William Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, James Buchanan, Dolley Madison , Henry Clay, Meriwether Lewis, Captain William Clark, Daniel Webster, Washington Irving, Davey Crockett, J.Fenimore Cooper, Samuel F. B. Morse, [Author's great, great, great grandfather - William Murray (born in North Carolina, 1785)]

Timeline events: Crisis Era

(1774) English Parliament passes the Coercive Acts to quell rebelliousness in Massachusetts, First Continental Congress, the First Continental Congress passes the Suffolk Resolve defying the Coercive Acts, colonial militia "The Minutemen" are formed , Thomas Paine emigrates to America
(1775) Daniel Boone begins work on the Wilderness Road, Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Benjamin Rush form the first abolitionist society, Ethan Allen and Benidict Arnold capture the British fort at Ticonderoga , Patrick Henry's speech, Paul Revere's ride , the Second Continental Congress convenes and forms a militia with George Washington as its head, the Battles of Lexington and Concord , Battle of Bunker Hill, Congress adopts the "Declaration of the Causes and Necessities of Taking Up Arms", Thomas Paine publishes an article supporting women's rights, Virginia Governor Dunmore institutes martial law and tries to organize a loyalist army, Congress establishes a Navy , King George III issues a royal proclamation closing the American Colonies to trade and commerce
(1776) New Hampshire adopts the first state constitution, Thomas Paine publishes _Common Sense_, General Howe abandons Boston, the Continental Congress recommends disarming Loyalists and raids on British ships, Louis XIV provides arms to the Americans, North Carolina calls for independence from Britain, France and Spain supply aid to American revolutionaries , Continental Congress authorizes each of the 13 colonies to form provincial governments , British fleet is defeated at Charleston , General Howe invades New York , Howe defeats Washington at the Battle of Long Island, San Francisco founded as Mission Yerba Buena, Nathan Hale captured and hanged on Long Island , Declaration of Independence signed, Benedict Arnold defeated at Lake Champlain, the Continental Congress flees Philidelphia to Baltimore, General Washington crosses the Delaware River to defeat British at Trenton on Christmas Day
(1777) Washington establishes winter quarters in Morristown, NJ (Jan., 1777), Congress returns to Philidelphia, John Paul Jones appointed Captain of the Ranger , 20 yr. old French Marquis de Lafayette arrives in Philidelphia to offer aid, a series of battles (Bennington, Brandywine, 1st Battle of Saratoga, Germantown) causes Congress to move often and culminates in a defeat of the British at the 2nd battle of Saratoga, Congress endorses Articles of Confederation, San Jose is founded in California, Washington's troops enter winter quarters at Valley Forge (Dec., 1777), France officially recognizes independence of American colonies
(1778) French/American treaties signed, John Paul Jones does battle in English seas , Henry Clinton replaces Howe as head of British Troops, George Rogers Clark secures territory on the western frontier at Cohokia, Articles of Confederation signed , Ben Franklin heads for France
(1779) British capture and burn Portsmouth and Norfolk, Virginia, as battles rage in the North and the South, Congress approves a peace plan and sends John Adams and John Jay to Europe to negotiate, Washington's troups return to Morristown for the winter (Oct., 1779)
(1780) British take Charleston, N.C., Benedict Arnold is found to be helping the British and joins them , Loyalist forces are turned back at Kings Mountain to end the British invasion of North Carolina
(1781) American troups mutiny as the economy falters, Articles of Confederation activated, Spanish battle British in Florida and the western territories, with the help of the French, Americans win the Battle at Yorktown to end the revolution
(1782) Americans and British sign a peace treaty in Paris
(1783) Congress formally declares and end to the Revolutionary War with Britain, Noah Webster issues the first volume of his "Blue-Backed Speller" distinguishing the American variant of the English language , most Northern States abolish slavery
(1784) Congress ratifys the Treaty of Paris , Russions establish their first permanent settlement at Kodiak Island, James Madison publishes _Remonstrances Against Religious Assessments_ advocating seperation of Church and State
(1785) Thomas Jefferson appointed Minister to France, Congress passes the Land Ordinance of 1785 to make land available in the territories
(1786) Virginia adopts an ordinance of Religious Freedom, Congress adopts a coinage system and establishes a mint as the post war depression deepens
(1787) Shay's rebellion crushed, Northwest Ordinance passes the Continental Congress , Constitutional Convention convened and a new Constitutionis sent to the States for ratification, first steamboat built by John Fitch, Deleware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey ratify the new constitution and become states.

Foreign Contemporaries: Napolean Bonaparte, Ludwig van Beethoven, Sir Walter Scott, Simon Bolivar, Jane Austen, Charles Babbage, Georg Hegel, Carl Gauss, Carl von Clausewitz, Michael Faraday, David Ricardo, George Stephenson

Foreign Timeline Events: Adam Smith publishes Wealth of Nations (1776), France declares war on Britain (1778), Spain declares war on England (1779).

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