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Cohorts: Thirteenth Generation (Generation X) - Nomad, Reactive Type (1961-1981)
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Timeline events: Awakening Era

(1966) Escalation in Vietnam, protests heat up, black militants emerge, Miranda decision, Charles Whitman fires from the Texas tower, Walt Disney dies, New Yorks Metropolitan Opera closes, New York Stock Exchange peaks at 995 then drops to 744, Medicare begun, Catholics can eat meat on Friday, mini-skirts, Timothy Leary's LSD ushers in drug use, Jack Nicklaus wins all four majors.
(1967) Vietnam war continues to escalate, worst race riots ever, Adam Clayton Powell removed from office, GATT signed, Puerto Rico turns down statehood, first black Supreme Court judge, Thurgood Marshall, sworn in, [Boom Awakening] marked by civil rights/Vietnam war protests and extreme, drug influenced culture, "Woodie" Guthrie and Carl Sandburg die, Corporation for Public Broadcasting formed, father of A-bomb, Robert Oppenheimer, dies, three astronauts killed in Apollo launch pad fire, Surveyor 3,4,5 and 6 explore the moon for Apollo, Apollo 4 achieves orbit, Super Bowl I, Boston strangler convicted, American Basketball Association (ABA) formed,
(1968) Dr. Spock convicted of abetting draft evaders, USS Pueblo seized off North Korea, Tet offensive launched, Johnson declines run for President, Martin Luther King assassinated, 1968 Civil Rights act signed, Robert Kennedy assassinated, Richard Nixon defeats Humphrey and George Wallace for Presidency, Chief Justice Earl Warren resigns, film rating code established, Upton Sinclair and John Steinbeck die, inflation heats up, progress in organ transplants, student unrest, Chicago riots at Democratic convention, Apollo 7 first manned flight, Peggy Fleming wins lone US gold medal in winter Olympics, Bob Beamon shatters broad jump record and Dick Fosbury flops to high jump victory in summer Olympics as Tommy Smith and John Carlos are disqualified for black power salute.
(1969) Skyjackers abound, Paris peace talks and massive peace demonstrations, James Earl Ray and Sirhan Sirhan convicted, Edward Kennedy involved at Chappaquiddick, trial of the Chicago Eight, My Lai massacre, SALT talks, Black Panthers raided, "Oh Calcutta" opens, Saturday Evening Post folds, Judy Garland dies, Apollo 11 and 12 moon landings, Truth-in-Lending goes into effect, cyclamates banned, first flight of the 747, the Mets win the World Series and the Jets win the Superbowl, UCLA and Lew Alcindor win NCAA, Charles Manson's cult murders Sharon Tate, Woodstock.
(1970) Nixon launches "incursion" into Cambodia, students killed in shootings at Kent State and Jackson State College, Angela Davis arrested, EPA and National Air Quality Control Act, voting age at 18, movies "The Graduate" and "Catch-22", Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin die, APOLLO 13 , "Rube" Goldberg dies, cigarette advertising banned, Vince Lombardi dies, Tom Dempsey kicks a record 63 yd. field goal.
(1971) Weather Underground bombs the Capitol, war protests continue with the Mayday march, US lifts trade embargo on China and UN votes to admit them, the "Pentagon Papers" published, "Satchmo" Armstrong and Door's Jim Morrison die, _Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee_ published, J.C. Penny dies, school busing for racial desegregation ruled constitutional, Amtrak and the US Postal Service formed, Apollo 14 lands on the moon, Joe Frazier defends title against Muhammed Ali, Lee Trevino wins US and British Open.
(1972) Nixon visits China and Moscow, Senate passes SALT treaty and Equal Rights Amendment, Watergate, J. Edgar Hoover dies, George Wallace shot, death penalty ruled unconstitutional, Haiphong harbor mined, George McGovern accuses Nixon of Watergate break-in and vows to get US out of Vietnam and is defeated by Nixon in Presidential bid, Walter Winchell dies, Life magazine folds, Roberto Clemente killed in air crash, Curt Flood's antitrust suit against baseball, Bob Seagren pole vaults 18'5 3/4", Arab terrorists disrupt Olympics in Munich, Bobby Fisher defeats Boris Spassky.
(1973) The Watergate scandal explodes (special prosecutors, 18 1/2 min. gap, Liddy, McCord, Dean, Erlichman, Grey, Richardson, Jaworski, Cox, Ervin, impeachment), Lyndon Johnson dies, Vietnam peace accords signed, occupation of Wounded Knee by Native American activists, Vice President Spiro Agnew resigns and Gerald Ford sworn in as Nixon (facing impeachment) resigns , Roe vs. Wade abortion decision, Chicago seven convicted, Pearl Buck dies, Americans seek nostalgia with movies like "American Graffiti" and TV show "The Waltons", OPEC oil embargo causes gas lines, Caesar Chavez grape strike, Federal Energy Office established, Alaska pipeline approved, first athletic scholarship to a woman given to U. of Miami swimmer, new Sears Tower tallest building in world, O.J. Simpson sets NFL rushing record, Billie Jean King beats Bobby Riggs, author's son was born.
(1974) Impeachment proceedings against Nixon, Nixon resigns, Gerald Ford becomes President, Gerald Ford pardons Nixon, Earl Warren dies, CIA covert operation in Chile revealed, amnesty proclamation for Vietnam draft resisters, congress passes Freedom of Information Act, Wilbur Mills gets in trouble with Fanne Fox the stripper, Boston racial turmoil, America mourns the loss of "Bud" Abbott, Jack Benny, "Duke" Ellington, "Cass" Eliott, "Chet" Huntley, Charles Lindberg and Ed Sullivan, inflation soars, 40 yr. ban on private ownership of gold lifted, Patricia Hearst and SLO rob bank, Henry Aaron passes Babe Ruths lifetime home run record, Frank Robinson becomes first black manager in baseball, Little League baseball opens to girls, Chris Evert and Jimmy Conners win at Wimbledon, Oakland A's win third straight World Series.
(1975) Cambodia seizes the Mayaguez, woman attempts to assassinate President Ford twice, military academies admit women, Thomas Hart Benton and Thorton Wilder die, TV's equal time ruling dropped by FCC, Supreme Court bans forced confinement of mental patients, James Hoffa disappears, school bussing for racial balance begins, voluntary change over to metric system in ten years planned, Karen Ann Quinlin taken off respirator, "Casey" Stengel dies, Muhammad Ali defeats Joe Frazier in the "Thriller in Manila", Patty Hearst captured.
(1976) The U.S. Bicentennial celebrated, Chicago mayor Richard Daley dies, Jimmy Carter defeats President Ford to become President, Alex Haley's _Roots_ published, Barbara Walters becomes first woman network news anchor, billionaires Jean Paul Getty and Howard Hughes die, Red Dye No. 2 banned, Concorde initiates first supersonic commercial flight, Detroit stops building convertibles, Legionnaire's Disease appears, Toxic Substances Control Act passed, remains of the ABA merge with the NBA, Montreal Olympics, transsexual Renee Richards barred from US Open tennis.
(1977) President Carter pardons Vietnam draft resisters, production of B-1 bomber halted, neutron bomb developed, Werner von Braun dies, Department of Energy created, Panama Canal treaties signed, Social Security taxes raised, movie _Star Wars_ released, _Roots_ miniseries televised, Al Capp retires "Li'l Abner", "Bing" Crosby, "Groucho" Marx and the "King" Elvis Presley die, saccharin banned, energy conservation called "moral equivalent to war", Space Shuttle Enterprise makes 1st free flight, Gossamer Condor pedals a one mile flight, Courageous wins America's Cup
(1978) California passes Proposition 13, Love Canal pronounced a disaster area, Camp David Middle East peace conference, Jim Jones and followers die in Guyana, Mayor of San Francisco shot to death, Norman Rockwell dies, inflation heats up, Margaret Mead dies, Snail Darter stops the Tellico Dam, Leon Spinks defeats Muhammed Ali, Pete Rose youngest player to get 3000 career hits, author's daughter was born.
(1979) Three Mile Island nuclear accident, military ties with Nicaragua severed, Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty, Andrew Young resigns from UN, Arthur Fiedler dies, more inflation, Department of Education formed, the "Duke" John Wayne dies, Iran takes American hostages, federal bailout of Chrysler, Seattle Supersonics win NBA championship.
(1980) Soviets invade Afghanistan, Abscam, aborted Iranian hostage rescue mission, eruption of Mt. St. Helens in Washington state, Ronald Reagan elected president, Mae West dies, "Who Shot J.R." episode airs, John Lennon shot and killed, Ford Motors loses Pinto case, US hockey team wins gold in winter Olympics, Jesse Owens dies, US boycotts Moscow summer Olympics.

Foreign Contemporaries: Princess Diana, Nicole Kidman, Benicio Del Toro

Foreign Timeline Events: Iraqi President Hasan al-Bakr resigns and is replaced by Saddam Hussein (1979)Blog Reference.

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