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Timeline events: Inner-Driven Era

(1981) Iranian hostage crisis ends as President Reagan assumes office, President Reagan shot, first woman Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Conner nominated, two Libyan jets shot down, MTV videos, economy falters, IBM introduces the personal computer, Cholesterol linked to heart disease, Reagan fires Air Traffic Control strikers, Joe Louis dies.
(1982) Secretary of State Alexander Haig resigns, US Marines land in Beirut, Air Florida jet crashes into a bridge in Washington DC, seven die from cyanide laced Tylenol capsules, Reagan proposes MX missile deployment scheme, Ayn Rand dies, recession peaks with falling unemployment and cost of living, Braniff airlines goes bankrupt, Penn Square bank closes, first space shuttle flight, first artificial heart,"Satchel" Paige dies, Tom Watson wins US and British Open.
(1983) Car bomb destroys US embassy in Beirut, USSR downs South Korean Airliner, US invades Grenada, US withdraws from UNESCO, cable TV and video tape players take off, Ira Gershwin and Harry James die, final episode of M*A*S*H, Sally ride first woman and Guion Bluford first black in space, WPPSS nuclear project defaults on bond holders, the Cabbage Patch Doll, holiday named for Martin Luther King Jr.
(1984) After 117 years US resumes diplomatic relations with the Vatican, US Marines withdraw from Lebanon, Ronald Reagan reelected, Ansel Adams and "Count" Basie die, Donald Duck turns 50, AIDS virus identified, chicken pox vaccine developed, first planet detected outside this solar system, runner Jim Fixx dies running, LA holds Olympics without the Russians and most of the rest of the Eastern Block (this was in retaliation for President Carter's Olympics boycott in 1980 over Afghanistan.
(1985) Reagan imposes sanctions on South Africa for apartheid, the Titanic is located, Henry Cabot Lodge dies, Achille Lauro high jacked in the Mediterranean, Graham-Rudman deficit reduction bill passed, video cassette recorder sales take off, Orson Welles dies and Rock Hudson dies of AIDS, US dollar devalued, leaded gasoline banned, Christa McAuliffe chosen to be first teacher on a space shuttle mission, Coke backtracks and retains Coca-Cola classic, North American Soccer League folds, Roger Maris dies, Nolan fans his 4000th batter.
(1986) Libyan sanctions imposed, W. Averill Harriman dies, US air strikes against Libya, William Rehnquist named Chief Justice, International Court of Justice rules US actions against Nicaragua are illegal, President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev meet in Reykjavík, Iceland, The Challenger Accident, Income Tax reform passed, Iran-Contra affair exposed, Benny Goodman and Rudy Vallee die, Robert Penn Warren becomes official Poet Laureate of US, Congress names Rose the US flower, genetic engineered organisms, Cary Grant dies, Hand Across America, Greg LeMond wins Tour de France, Ivan Boesky brought down in Wall Street scandal,
(1987) America celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Constitution, Congress overrides President Reagan's veto of the Clear Air Act, Tower Commission and Senate Committee reports condemn Reagan for Iran-Contra actions, Senate blocks nomination of Robert Bork to the Supreme Court, musical Les Miserables arrives from England, Fred Astaire and Andres Segovia die, Rev. Jimmy Baker is resigns his ministry in shame, Andy Warhol dies, Alan Greenspan appointed to head Federal Reserve, the worst stock crash in history of the Wall Street, Mike Tyson wins heavyweight championship.
(1988) George Bush is elected President, a PanAm 747 is downed by a terrorist bomb over Lockerbie, Scotland, Lt. Col. Oliver North is indicted in the Iran-Contra Affair, New York Summit between Ronald Reagan, Mikael Gorbachev and George Bush, "Phantom of the Opera" leads comeback of Broadway Theater, aspirin is found to have power to reduce heart attacks, severe drought strikes the agricultural midsection of the country, DuPont announces it will stop producing CFCs, FAX machines take off, Tele-evangelist Jimmy Swaggart follows the lead of Jimmy Bakker and is caught up in moral scandal, Hyper-markets like Wal-mart and K-mart become the rage.
(1989) US Forces enter Panama and capture Pres. Manuel Noriega for drug trafficking Cold War ends, Supreme Court OKs Flag burning, Panamanian dictator, Manuel Noriega, "declares war" on the USA in a speech, Richard Daley's son Richard becomes mayor of Chicago, Exxon Valdez oil spill, Batman follows Superman to the Big Screen, major earthquake in Northern California shakes up a World Series game, Alar (a chemical used to spray apples) is found to be carcinogenic, Hurricane Hugo, Pete Rose banned from Baseball.
(1990) Iraq invades Kuwait and President Bush sends troops to the Persian Gulf, Oliver North's Iran-Contra convictions overturned, US sends aid to Russia, President "Read My Lips, No New Taxes" Bush raises taxes, Robert Mapplethorpe's Photography causes a stir in the "I don't know anything about Art, but I know what I like" circles and "Rap" music is condemned in Florida by Tipper Gore, NASA launches the HUBBLE space telescope only to find out it is optically flawed when it is deployed, GM introduces the Saturn auto.
(1991) Operation Desert Storm is used by the US to defeat Iraq in the The Persian Gulf War, Clarence Thomas wins confirmation to the Supreme Court under charges of sexual harassment by former colleague Anita Hill, Charles Keating is at the center of the Savings and Loan scandal, four LA police accused of beating black motorist Rodney King, Biosphere II, Pan Am and Eastern Airlines go out of business, Alzheimer's disease becomes big health issue, mass murderer Jeffrey Dahmer confesses, basketball star Ervin "Magic" Johnson announces he is HIV positive, Chicago Bulls (led by Michael "Air" Jorden win their first NBA championship, the Navy Tailhook scandal.
(1992) William Clinton is elected President, US troops sent to Somalia, Manuel Noriega is convicted in Florida, Oregon Senator Bob Packwood comes under fire for sexual harassment, Johnny Carson retires, Dan Quayle takes on "Murphy Brown", Hurricane Andrew, the States approve a Constitutional Amendment (approved by Congress in 1789) preventing mid-term pay-raises for Congress, boxer Mike Tyson convicted of rape.
(1993) Terrorist bombing of New York City's World Trade Center, Family and Medical Leave Act passes, abortion clinic murder of Dr. David Gunn, White House Aide Vincent Foster commits suicide, National Health Care given high priority by President Clinton and his wife Hillary, first women Attorney General Janet Reno sworn in, "Motor-voter" Law passes, "don't ask, don't tell" policy for homosexuals in the US military, NAFTA passes, home computers and the "internet" take off, Mississippi overflows in spectacular flood, David Koresh and his Branch Davidian followers die in standoff with Federal officers.
(1994) Ice skater Nancy Kerrigan attacked during practice by associates of her competitor Tonya Harding, major earthquake in Los Angeles, grunge rocker Kurt Cobain commits suicide, O. J. Simpson accused of killing his ex-wife Nicole, Susan Smith drowns her own children and blames a fictional black car-jacker, Michael Jackson marries Lisa Marie Presley, CIA agent Aldrich Ames caught working for the Russians, Republican's sweep the Congress in off year elections, young American caned in Singapore, Cubans and Haitians flee to America and California bans immigrants' access to public services, assault weapon ban, GATT trade agreement, cartoonist Gary Larson retires, serial killer John Wayne Gacy is executed and Jeffrey Dahmer is murdered in prison, Richard Nixon and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis die.
(1995) U.S. commits soldiers to Bosnian peace effort, O. J. Simpson Trial, Oklahoma City bombing, stock market soars to new highs, many die in mid-western heat wave, the "Contract" with America, Republican party gains control of Congress, Newt Gingrich named Speaker of the House, Jonas Salk dies, Federal Budget impasse, The Internet, Mickey Mantle dies, the TimePage is started. :-)
(1996) Commerce Secretary Ron Brown killed in a plane crash in Bosnia, Ted Kaczynski arrested as the Unabomber, 7 year old Jessica Dubroff dies in attempt to set a age record for flying cross-country, Value-jet flight 592 goes down in the Everglades and TWA flight 800 goes down off Long Island, Clinton's Whitewater scandal and the OJ Simpson legal battles continue, the Centennial Olympic summer games in Atlanta marred when a pipe bomb explodes in a park, Spiro Agnew and Alger Hiss die, William Clinton re-elected, Gene Kelly and George Burns die, sexual scandal among officers and recruits in the Army, Boeing takes over McDonald-Douglas.
(1997) America is pummeled by world events as it mourns the loss of Princess Diana and Mother Theresa, grapples with global warming and its little cousin El Nino, holds its breath as the unstoppable Asian economy stumbles after Hong Kong is returned to the Chinese, and is amazed at the birth of Dolly the cloned sheep and the Hale-Bopp comet. Timothy McVeigh is convicted of the Oklahoma City bombing, NASAs Pathfinder explores Mars and sends back incredible photos, Mike Tyson bit off a piece of Evander Holyfields ear in a heavyweight championship fight, Grandmaster Gary Kasparov lost a chess match to a computer, septuplets were born to the McCaugheys in Iowa, President Clinton defended himself against Paula Jones, the Republicans, Saddam Hussein and investigations of campaign financing violations, new golf star Tiger Woods wins the Masters, Jimmy Stewart and Robert Mitchum die and 39 members of the Heavens Gate cult commit suicide.
(1998) President Clinton's affair with Whitehouse intern Monica Lewinski is exposed and the Congress, press and Country grapple with the consequences in a year that ends with an Impeachment vote against Clinton by the House, El Nino continues its destructive ways as fierce weather wreaks havoc in many places including Central America and China, Asian economies continue to falter and the stock market goes along for the ride, John Glenn returns to space onboard the Shuttle Discovery, even as crime continues to drop nationwide several student shootings occur at schools around the country, the NBA fails to show up for the season but the home run hitters show up in baseball parks as Mark McGuire reaches a record 70 in his race with Sammy Sosa, healthwise: availability of the impotence drug Viagra raises the hopes of millions, strides are made in the war against AIDS and the tobacco industry loses a big battle in the courts, Y2K looms.
(1999) The country was awed as it watched the impeachment trail of Bill Clinton and his subsequent acquittal (despite confessions of wrongdoing), US forces lead NATO's attempt to stop Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's atrocities against Kosovo's Albanians, a year of random gun violence was climaxed when two high school side-liners vented their frustration by killing 12 classmates and a teacher before killing themselves at Columbine HS in Colorado, Y2K mania took hold as "dot-com" and "e-commerce" became the symbols of choice for the "wired' masses in a booming US economy, JFK Jr. and pro-golfer Payne Stewart die in difficult-to-accept private airplane crashesBlog Reference, Egyptair flight 990 inexplainably plunges into the Atlantic ocean off Martha's Vinyard, Bill Gates and Microsoft fought off anti-trust charges by the US Government, perennial sports stars Michael Jordon and Wayne Gretzgy retire and sports legends "Joltin" Joe DiMagio and Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain are lost, the US and the rest of the world experience another year of rugged post EL Nino weather and while uncounted others begin the year 2000 presidential campaign to replace President Clinton, Hillary Clinton sets her sights on a Senate seat in New York.
(2000) The year started as a disappointment when the expected social/technical breakdown at the end of the millennium didn't occur and ended with a protracted national election in which a virtual tie brought the nation to a halt until the Supreme Court decided that Florida had indeed voted for George W. Bush and he was finally declared the 43rd President. Hillary Clinton was handed the Clinton baton as she won her Senate seat in New York. A little Cuban boy washed up on the Florida coast and the whole country picked sides when his father came to return Elian Gonsalez to Cuba. America tried to help calm hotspots in Eastern Europe and the Mideast and was rewarded by having the warship USS Cole blown up at port. The economy started to cool as gas prices soared and the Stock Market headed south. Big mergers continued (AOL/Time-Warner, Chevron/Texaco, CBS/Viacom) while technology took its lumps as Firestone was forced to recall its tires, Napster was forced to pay for its copyrighted music, Microsoft was called on the carpet by the anti- trust lawyers, and two more highly-publicized airplane crashes occurred (Alaska Airlines dumped into the Pacific Ocean off California and the aging Concorde crashed in France). Science announced it had unraveled the human genome and introduced the controversial "morning after" pill. Forest fires raged in the West. We lost Hedy Lamarr, our most glamorous WWII war techie and Charles Shultz, creator of the beloved "Charlie Brown". Sports were dominated by the Olympics in Sydney, Austrailia, Wimbleton was dominated by the Williams sisters, golf was owned by Tiger Woods and baseball was dominated by the "Subway Series" and the ballplayers fat wallets.

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