The Civil War Cycle

The Era of Slavery Expansion (1838-1859)




The 13 Original
American Colonies


Cohorts: missing generation - Hero, Civic Type
The Civil War burst upon the American people before the generational alignment was favorable for an event of this magnitude. Few of the civic type generation emerged from the devastation of the Civil War!

Timeline events: Inner Driven Era

(1838) Morse code introduced
(1839) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow publishes "Voices of the Night", Charles Goodyear "vulcanizes" rubber, Audobon publishes "Birds of North America"
(1840) William Harrison is elected President, Edgar Allen Poe publishes "Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque"
(1841) James Fenimore Cooper publishes the "Deerslayer" , Vice President John Tyler becomes President when William Harrison dies after serving only 2 months in office , first commercial use of petroleum "Rock Oil" as a medicine
(1842) U.S. Government moves Seminoles to Indian Territory , New York Philharmonic is founded, Massachusetts law limits children's (under 12) workday to 10 hours
(1843)Marcus Whitman Crosses America on the Oregon Trail, Dan Emmett stages his Minstrel Show
(1844) Samuel F. B. Morse invents the Telegraph, James Polk elected President
(1845) Frederick Douglas publishes his Autobiography, U.S. Annexes Texas, John O'Sullivan coins term "manifest destiny", Knickerbocker Baseball , U. S. Navel Academy opens at Annapolis
(1846) U.S. declares war on Mexico, settlers of the Donner Party stranded on Donner Pass , Smithsonian Institution established
(1847) American Medical Assoc. (AMA) established
(1848)Mormons migrate to Utah, Female Suffragists meet at Seneca Falls, Zachary Taylor elected President, Stephan Foster publishes "Oh! Susanna", U.S. wins Mexican American War
(1849) California Gold Rush, U.S. Dept. of the Interior is formed
(1850) The Compromise of 1850, Vice President Millard Fillmore replaces Zachary Taylor who dies in office, Nathaniel Hawthorne publishes "The Scarlet Letter", Fugitive Slave Act passed
(1851) Herman Melville publishes "Moby Dick", YMCA founded in Boston
(1852) Harriet Beecher Stowe publishes "Uncle Tom's Cabin", Franklin Pierce elected President, Stephan Foster makes his only trip to the South and publishes "My Old Kentucky Home, Massachusetts passes the first school attendance law, Boston Public Library founded
(1853) U. S. Fleet under Adm. Matthew Perry arrives in Japan to seeking trade agreements, the Gadsden Purchase adds the last piece of territory to the lower 48, Charles Tiffany opens his jewelry store, Antioch College opens its doors to a coed student body, the B&O Railroad connects Chicago to the east coast
(1854) The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, The Republican Party founded, Henry David Thoreau pulishes "Walden", Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson invent a gun , Native American "Know Nothing" party formed, 13000 Chinese immigrants arrive to help build the transcontinental railroads
(1855) William Walker overthrows Nicaragua and makes himself president, Walt Whitman publishes "Leaves of Grass"
(1856)James Buchanan elected President, Fredrick Law Olmsted designs Central Park, fires of slavery heat up as abolitionists John Brown and his son's attach pro-slavery foes at Pottawatomie Creek and legislators battle in congress
(1857) Dred Scott decision (1857), [Civil War] (1857>), "Atlantic Monthly" founded
(1858) Albert Bierstadt begins his western travels, Lincoln Douglass debates, first transatlantic telegraph cable laid, religious revival sweeps across the US, transcontinental stagecoach and mail service starts
(1859) William Smith strikes oil in Pennsylvania, Southern Convention at Vicksburg urges repeal of anti-slavery laws, John Brown raids Harper's ferry

Foreign Timeline Events: Victoria becomes Queen of England (1837), Charles Dickens publishes "Oliver Twist" (1837), Central American Federation disolves into Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and El Salvador (1839), Charles Darwin publishes his Journals from the Voyage of the Beagle (1839), Louis Daguerre invents "deguerrotype" photographic device (1839), first Henley Regatta and Grand National Steeple-Chase run in England (1839), New Zealand becomes a British colony (1841), Wagner premieres "The Flying Dutchman" (1843), Alexandre Dumas père publishes "The Three Musketeers" (1844), Robert Browning begins his courtship of Elizabeth Barrett (1844), YMCA founded in England (1844), Friedrich Engels publishes "The Condition of the Working Class in England" (1844), the Great Potato Famine in Ireland (1845), Henry Rawlinson deciphers Babylonian cuneiform writing (1846), Liberia becomes a free Republic (1847), each of the three Bronte sisters (Anne, Emily and Charlotte) publish novels (1847), Napoleon Bonaparte elected President of the French Republic (1848), revolution and rebellions occur throughout Europe (1848), Kelvin originates the absolute temperature scale (1848), Marx publishes the Communist Manifesto.(1848), David Livingstone charts the African interior (1849), Britain recognizes South African Republic's (Transvaal) independence (1852), The Second Empire under Emperor Napoleon III is formed (1852), Alexandre Dumas fils produces "Camille" (1852), Henri Giffard makes steam powered airship flight (1852), Crimean War begins (1853), Sir George Cayley makes first manned glider flight (1853), young Johannes Brahms publishes "Piano Concerto No. 1 in D minor" (1854), Florence Nightingale departs for Turkey to treat British soldiers (1854), Alfred Wallace publishes his theories on genetics (1854), Alfred Tennyson publishes "The Charge of the Light Brigade" (1854), Alexander II becomes Czar of Russia (1855), "Big Ben" is built in London (1856), very old human remains found in the Neanderthal Valley in Germany (1856), relations between India and British take a downturn as the Sepoy Rebellion begins (1857), George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) publishes "Adam Bede" (1859), work begins on the Suez Canal (1859), Charles Darwin publishes Origin of the Species (1859).

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