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The 13 Original
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Cohorts: Boom Generation - Prophet, Idealist Type (1943-1960)
Donald Trump, Connie Chung, Bob Woodward, O. J. Simpson, Newt Gingrich, William Clinton, George W. Bush, Bill Gates, Dan Quale, Al Gore, Oliver North, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Christa McAuliffe, Caroline Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, Jr., Angela Davis, Jane Pauley, Rush Limbaugh, Peggy Fleming, Bobby Fisher, Rod Carew, Jim Palmer, Cal Ripken, Jr., Tom Seaver, George Foreman, Sugar Ray Leonard, Joe Frazier, "Magic" Johnson, Larry Bird, Julius Erving, John Elway, Johnny Bench, Greg Louganis, Mark Spitz, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Joe Namath, Reggie Jackson, John McEnroe, Chris Evert, Cathy Rigby, Nolan Ryan, Authur Ashe, Jimmy Connors, Oprah Winfrey, Patty Hearst, Oliver Stone, Joni Mitchell, Diana Ross, James Taylor, Dolly Parton, Bruce Springsteen, Stephen Stills, Cher, Sting, Janis Joplin, Billy Joel, Neill Young, Tom Berry, Jerry Seinfeld, Geraldo Rivera, David Letterman, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, "the other" Bill Murray, Tom Hanks, Robert De Niro, Kevin Costner, Liza Minnelli, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Wesley Volkenant, Steve Wozniak, Steven Jobs, Sylvester Stallone, Meryl Streep, Tom Clancy, Stephen King. (Author's Sister)

Timeline events: Outer-Driven Era

(1945) UN charter, The A Bomb, Yalta Conference, Flag raised on Iwo Jima, FDR dies and Harry Truman becomes President, VE Day (Victory in Europe), VJ Day (Victory in Japan), B-25 hits the Empire State Building, Japan and Germany surrender.
(1946) Atomic Bomb tests continue, Cold War emerges, Truman gives Phillipines independance, Atomic Energy Commision formed, Rockefeller donates money for UN property in New York, ranch style houses become popular, Robert Penn Warren publishes _All the Kings Men_, Union activity heats up, ENIAC(first electronic computer) developed, Ben Hogan top money winner in golf, Assault wins triple crown.
(1947) Marshall Plan, Texas City, Texas ship explosion obliterates city, Presidential Succession Act signed, Jackie Robinson plays for the Dodgers, Levittown developed, National Security Act passed, television spreads, movies purged of communists, Tony awards started, Taft-Hartley bill passed, first around the world commercial airline service, first supersonic aircraft, Joe Louis beats "Jersey Joe" Walcott.
(1948) Selective Service Act passed, Strom Thurmond nominated for President as third party States Rights Party (Dixiecrats) bolts from Democrats, the Berlin airlift, Truman reelected, Alger Hiss indicted, _A Streetcar Named Desire_ gets Pulitzer for Tennessee Williams, vitamin B-12 cures pernicious anemia, Polaroid camera introduced, religious education in public schools outlawed, "Babe" Didrikson top woman golfer, Citation wins the triple crown, term "cold war' coined.
(1949) NATO formed, Truman's "Fair Deal" proclaimed, civil war veterans (16 in number) have their last meeting, American Communist leaders convicted, UN headquarters dedicated, Arthur Miller gets pulizer for _Death of a Salesman_, cortisone discovered, minimum wage bill passed, Joe Louis retires, Sam Snead wins PGA, Yankees beat the Dodgers., bikini introduced.
(1950)McCarthy seeks Communists, Alger Hiss convicted, Hydrogen Bomb development authorized, Douglas MacArthur named Commander of UN forces in Korea, Nobel Peace prize to Ralph Bunche, L. Ron Hubbard writes _Dianetics_, The Korean War, William Faulkner wins Nobel Prize, Jackson Pollack introduces abstract expressionism, Estes Kefauver launches war on organized crime, color television licenced, average weekly earnings reach $60., minimum wage set at $.75/hr., first NCAA basketball championship.
(1951) 23rd Amendment (maximum 2 term presendency) adopted, China and US spar in Korea, Douglas MacArthur quits, Japan peace treaty signed, UNIVAC computer unveiled, first color TV broadcast, first transcontinental direct-dial telephone service, first Atomic power produced, New York vs. New York in the World Series.
(1952) Immigration quota system installed over Truman veto, Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower defeats Adlai Stevenson to become President, GI Bill of Rights, Ernest Hemingway published _Old Man and the Sea_, Herman Wouk get Pulitzer prize for _Caine Mutiny_, inflation heats up, steel mills seized by Presidential order to end strike, George Meany elected president of the AFL, Walter Reuther made president of the CIO, UFOs sighted everywhere, Rocky Marciano wins heavyweight boxing championship.
(1953) HEW created, Korean Armistice signed, Social Security Act broadened, Stereophonic and 3D movies, Ben Hogan beats Sam Snead in US Open, Yankees beat the Dodgers again, Wayne Morse sets record for fillibustering, Rosenbergs executed.
(1954) Five congressmen shot on the floor of the house, French withdraw from Vietnam, Early Warning RADAR net announced, first atomic sub commisioned, Brown vs Board of Education ruling against segregation, McCarthy condemned, CinemaScope, Hemingway gets Nobel prize for literature, polio vaccine introduced by Jonas Salk, 1st Supersonic bomber (B-58)ordered into production, 60% of adult male population smoking,
(1955) First filmed Presidential press conference,Geneva Conference, SEATO Treaty signed, Rosa Park's bus boycott, AFL/CIO merger, racial segregation in scools banned by Supreme Court, Davy Crockett fad, Rock and Roll bursts on the scene, Dogers beat the Yankees.
(1956) Interstate Highway Act, last survivor of the Union Army dies (Albert Woolsen), Dwight Eisenhower reelected, Elvis Presley appears on Ed Sullivan, _Peyton Place_ published, campus racial violence at U of Alabama, first transatlantic telephone cable begins operation, Nobel prize in physics for transistor to Shockley, Brattain and Bardeen, James Dean cult, Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainier, last Ringling Bros/Barnum & Bailey show under canvas, Yankees beat the Dodgers (Don Larson no-hitter).
(1957) Russia launches SPUTNIK, Eisenhower Doctrine for Mid-East, Strom Thurman set filibuster record, first underground nuclear explosion, racial violence in Little Rock, Humphey Bogart dies, "Beatnik" Jack Kerouac publishes _On the Road_, JFK gets Pulitzer for _Profiles in Courage_, first national videotaped show, Surgeon General links smoking to lung cancer, Giants leave New York and Dodgers leave Brooklyn, Boston Celtics win NBA crown, Don Bowden first US runner to break 4:00 min. mile.
(1958) First undersea polar crossing by USS Nautilus, Presidential assistant Sherman Adams resigns under fire, antinuclear protesters arrested in Honolulu, Democrats make big gains in off-year elections, John Kenneth Galbraith publishes _The Affluent Society_, Communist _Daily Worker_ goes weekly, pianist Van Cliburn wins Tchaikovsky competition in Moscow, Van Allen Belt discovered, first US Earth Satellite (Explorer I), William Faulkner criticizes US education, Gov. Orval E. Faubus of Arkansis defies Supreme Court ruling on segregation, Arnold Palmer top money winner in golf ($42,407), Yogi Berra of Yankees plays in 10th World Series.
(1959) Alaska and Hawaii become states, Nixon's "kitchen" debate in Moscow, Khrushchev visits US, Frank Lloyd Wright dies, _Lady Chatterly's Lover_ banned, first seven Astronauts picked, integration of Little Rock High Schools forced, food stamps authorized, Floyd Patterson loses to Ingemar Johansson, AFL forms league, the last Civil War veteran dies (Walter Williams).
(1960) A civil rights bill passes Senate, Gary Power's U2 spy plane downed over Russia, John F. Kennedy defeats Richard Nixon for the presidency, Harper Lee publishes _To Kill a Mockingbird_, disk jockeys convicted of accepting "payola", Charles Van Doren arrested for cheating in quiz show, first weather satellite launched, coronary problems linked to smoking, 16 yr. old Bobby Fischer wins US chess championship, Arnold Palmer defeats Jack Nicklaus in US Open.
(1961) US breaks diplomatic relations with Cuba, Berlin Wall constructed, Bay of Pigs Affair, civil defense and fallout shelters, Ernest Hemingway dies, Peace Corps announced, Project Mercury puts a chimpanzee and Alan Shepard into space, birth control endorsed by National Council of Churches, minimum wage set at $1.25/hr, James Hoffa elected President of Teamsters, Ty Cobb dies, "freedom riders" attacked in Birmingham, Roger Maris hits 61 homers,
(1962) Eleanor Roosevelt dies, Cuban missile crisis , 24th Amendment to bar poll taxes passes congress, Space Needle built for Century 21 Exposition in Seattle, Rachel Carson publishes _Silent Spring_, Marilyn Monroe dies, John Steinbeck wins Nobel Prize, John Glenn and Scott Carpenter orbit earth, James Meredith admitted to University of Mississippi, wigs, boots and the "twist" become popular, Wilt Chamberlin scores 100 points. in basketball game, Jack Nicklaus defeats Arnold Palmer in US Open,
(1963) Medicare submitted to Congress, Medgar Evers assassinated in Jackson, Mississippi, Martin Luther King, Jr. makes "I have a dream" speech during Freedom March on Washington, "hot line" instituted between Washington and Moscow, Bobby Baker resigns in scandal, limited nuclear test ban signed, JFK Assassination and Lyndon Johnson becomes President, Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, the Warren Commission, Betty Friedan publishes "Feminine Mystique", University of Alabama desegregated in spite of Gov. George Wallace, English for Roman Catholic Mass approved, Bob Cousy and Stan Musial retire, Sandy Koufax leads Dodgers to World Series sweep of Yankees.
(1964) The Civil Rights Act of 1964, major earthquake in Alaska, Lyndon Johnson defeats Barry Goldwater to pursue the Great Society , racial violence, Ranger 7 lunar probe crashed into moon, "watusi" and "frug" danced in Discotheques, Beatles arrive in America, The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution leads to Vietnam War, Cassius Clay wins heavyweight championship and changes name to Muhammad Ali, Celtics win 6th championship in row, US prevails in Tokyo Olympics.
(1965) HUD established, Medicare passed, Malcom X assassinated and "Autobiography" of Malcolm X published, civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Panama Canal Treaty proposed, Watts riots, troops increased in Vietnam and anti-war protests increase, Caesar Chavez boycotts grapes, T.S. Eliot dies, Arthur Schlesinger Jr. publishes _A Thousand Days_, National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities formed, St. Louis' Gateway Arch completed, Edward R. Murrow dies, space race heats up with many launches, bell-bottom trousers and long haired boys, Sandy Koufax pitches perfect game.

Foreign Contemporaries: Lech Walesa, Prince Charles, Itzhak Perlman, George Harrison, Lynn Redgrave, Keith Richards, Emma Thompson, Mick Jagger, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Julio Iglesias, Ben Kingsley, Rod Stewart, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, Uri Geller, Bjorn Borg, Martina Navratilova, Alexander Godunov, David Bowie, Elton John, Andrew Lloyd Webber,

Foreign Timeline Events:

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