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This page is intended to be a combination "What's New", FAQ, Editorial, HELP Page and/or anything else that I can think of that will make the TimePage a more useful place to share ideas. I am always looking for ways for you and I to get in touch and for you to help me out too. With the demise of the Guestbook and Discussion Forum I hope that you will continue to get in touch with me via email or at the

TimePage Blog.


Citations: If you need to cite the TimePage for a school report you may want to use something like the examples shown below. Use the first one if it is a single page from the TimePage, such as the 13 Originals page, or the second for the TimePage site as a whole. Of course you will want to arrange the information as your reporting style dictates. If you are referencing the generational cycles aspect of my site you might want to also cite William Strauss and Neil Howe and their book "Generations" on which the site was based.

Murray, William (author), "13 Originals (The TimePage)," revision date*, .
Murray, William (author), "The TimePage," 2001, .

*Since the page is revised on an ongoing basis you will want to obtain the latest revision date by looking at the bottom of the web page you are citing.


What's Up on the TimePage?

14 Oct. 2005: I am going to be slimming the TimePage down a bit. I have been looking at the layout for a few months now and I think I have some good ideas. Look for some changes before long. Ironically, since I retired a couple of year ago I have had less time for optional things like the TimePage. But I have missed it and I am going to try to get it up to date again. My intention is to keep all of the content but cut back on some of the extras so that I can manage the maintenance of the site with the time I have. For those of you that were signed up for my newsletter, "The Hourglass," look for an occasional email to let you know what I am up to and point out new additions.

1 April 2003: I have started to use my web host's mail handling program to send my newsletter. So far it seems to working OK. If you sign up for the TimePage Hourglass you will automatically be contacted for confirmation of your subscription. This is to make sure that the email address that you entered worked and you submitted it. It is mainly to make the process work better for you but I have to admit it will also keep me from having to delete all of the trash entries that are entered every week. I am switching to a real simple HTML format at the same time. I hope that doesn't cause many problems. Most of my subscribers are on one of the big three web email accounts and I have tested a couple of them and they seem to display well. Let me know if you have any problems.

2 Nov. 2002: I think I have a workable WebLog up and functioning now. If you are interested in a public discussion on any of the ideas from the TimePage or beyond, visit my BLOG "

Its About TimePage" and leave me a comment. If I don't respond I can't say you didn't try.

12 Oct. 2002: As much as I hate to do it, I am going to remove the guestbook and the forum discussion pages from my website. The internet, sadly I believe, has not only lost its innocence but in many ways has lost its way. Many, if not most, of the individuals that are posting to these two pages are not interested in the TimePage or its ideas. They have their own agenda and, with an alarming frequency, are promoting it with insults, vulgarities and generally demeaning language. I can't spend my time trying to edit out this junk (I don't even like the idea of editing other people's comments) so I am not going to provide an outlet for it. There are many public forums where you can go to promote your ideas and/or vent your frustrations. If you have comments about the TimePage, its ideas or anything else send me an email. I really want to hear from all of you. If you use the

email response form (see the next article) you can even send it anonymously if you want to. If you want it published let me know. If I get enough response I will find a way to publish it on the TimePage.

5 Oct. 2002: You may notice some changes to the TimePage. First, let me direct your attention to the new java-based menu bar at the top of the page. Over time I am going to install this bar on most of the TimePage pages. I think it should help you get around while you are here. Let me know how you like it. I am also going to be removing the TimePage email references on all of the pages because they are leading to an unbelievable mass of virus email sent to the email address. I still can be reached. If you have the old email address go ahead and use it. Otherwise the contact links on the page will now take you to an

email form. Just fill it out and send it. If you reach an unfinished page be patient. I have to build a couple of new ones.

5 Jan. 2002: With the United States at war with terrorism, I began to think about how this war fits into the generational patterns of U.S. history. To begin that process of understanding I created a page that captures the experience of war in all of the cycles of U.S. history. The project is far from complete but I am offering it for inspection at this time to encourage comments and discussion. If you see any errors or omissions please let me know. You can reach the page from the index menu on the side bar of most pages as well.

Generations at War.

24 Nov. 2000: I have taken all of my Presidential material and loaded it into a new Presidents page. Each of the Presidents are placed in their generational alignment and links to other Presidential sites are listed.

31 Oct 2000:

Baseball comes to the TimePage. I must confess. I am a baseball fan from way back. So, I have been thinking for a long time about a way to demonstrate the generational effect with American baseball. The first attempt is on the web I am going to be playing with it until I am happy with it. Send me any comments you have and if you love baseball I know you will have some.

29 Sept 2000: I have decided to accept some commercial advertising on the TimePage. The dotcommercials in question are brought to you courtesy of They sell lesson plans, audio-visual materials and a huge selection of classroom aides primarily for K-12. I was attracted by the large amount of History related materials that were part of their package. If you are a teacher (or parent)and looking for some classroom compliments, is worth a look I think. ( A note from the webmaster. You may notice that since this time I have added some advertising from other organizations as well. They will come and go but I think I will probably stick with my associations with, All-Posters and Google as they let me control the items advertised to a certain extent.

3 Apr 2000 -- The TimePage has been on the web for a long time. I initially put it on the web (at ) in 1995. Since then I have been adding bits and pieces and generally maintaining it in my spare time. But when I decided to open this new domain I decided to completelely update the site. As before I will be constantly making minor changes but this is the new look for awhile.


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GENERATIONS , William Strauss and Neil Howe, 1991, William Morrow Publisher, New York.
The Fourth Turning , William Strauss and Neil Howe, 1997, Broadway Books Publisher, New York.

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